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​The Malta Parish Archives was created to facilitate access to parish records microfilmed by the Malta Study Center at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library between 1980 and 1989. Additional parish records digitized by the Malta Study Center in 2020 are also included.


In 2014, HMML's Malta Study Center and the Archdiocese of Malta signed and agreement to scan all of the parish microfilms, making them available in HMML Reading Room.

Due to advances in metadata harvesting, Dr. Daniel K. Gullo and John Meyerhofer developed a script to extract data using JSON exported from HMML Data Portal to create a visualization of the parish archives and provided easy access to HMML Reading Room.

Metadata harvested from HMML Reading Room was prepared by Dr. Daniel K. Gullo and Ms. Cláudia Garradas after consultation with Fr. Nicholas Doublet of the Archdiocese of Malta Archives. The data was based on metadata originally gathered by Monsignor Dun Gwann Azzopardi of the Cathedral Archives in Mdina as part of the original microfilm project.


Project data

Project design data for Malta Parish Archives is open source. Design information can be found at HMML DH.

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